Buddha in a Box

TV with a 3D scene rendered in realtime, which behaves in relation to the perspective of an observer. The rendered object is a man, whose eyes follow the viewer. The body is rotated in relation to the position of the observer such that the illusion of a three-dimensional object is formed.

The intention is to break the expectations of an observer who approaches a TV set. It is an unusual opportunity to interact with a television projection in an exhibition context.

Buddah in a box, head tracking and scene manipulation.

Another innovative (for the viewer unusual) aspect is the illusion of 3D without additional tools. The work should provide a direct interface to the viewer. When the camera range is left the 3D scene vanishes in visual and acoustic noise.

Muthesius Kunsthochschule – Kiel 2008

Buddah in a box, interactive installation.

"Buddah in a box", interactive installation.

"Buddah in a box", interactive installation.