ImageFlow is an unobtrusive and userfriendly JavaScript image gallery. The basic idea is to digitally animate the thumbing through a physical image stack. That intuitive handling is automatically caused by the metaphorical use of the well known process of thumbing through.

Hint: You can trace the single developement steps in the Blog-Entries to ImageFlow. If you want to browse the codebase of this projekt you can check out the code repository of ImageFlow at GitHub.

This solution is known as the Cover Flow technique, which has been developed by the artist Andrew Coulter Enright. Now – after it has been bought by Apple – it is used in iTunes and the file browser of Apples OS X.

The innovation of this project lies in the JavaScript implementation, which is platform independent. ImageFlow works with every browser, that can handle images and supports JavaScript: And that is something almost 100% of all conventional graphical browsers can do.


Image one Image two Image three Image four Image five Image six