Hint: You can trace the single developement steps in the Blog-Entries to ImageFlow. If you want to browse the codebase of this projekt you can check out the code repository of ImageFlow at GitHub.


  • Added circular mode
  • Added slideshow mode
  • Added path options imagePath and reflectPath
  • Added animationSpeed option
  • Fixed the 'one image bug' (if ImageFlow only holds one image it crashed in the IE)
  • Fixed a bug with the preloadImages option (setting it true was ignored)


  • Changed touch field to everything below the caption


  • Added iPhone and iPod Touch support
  • Added buttons option (toggles previous and next buttons)
  • Added imageScaling option to completely disable the dynamic scaling
  • Improved code quality of the JavaScript and the CSS


  • Added aspectRatio option (adjusts the relation between the height and width of the ImageFlow container!)
  • Added options to adjust image relations: imagesHeight, imagesM, percentOther, percentLandscape
  • Added scrollbarP option
  • Improved image resampling with the IE7 (enabled bicubic image resampling)
  • Fixed a bug that occured with the IE on document unload ("Member Not Found")


  • Fixed a bug that occured with the option imageFocusM


  • Added onClick option (open images in a new window, with Highslide JS etc.)
  • Refactored the options evaluation
  • Changed arrow key support: Now it works with all browsers, but only with one ImageFlow instance


  • Added preloadImages option
  • Added arrow key support (IE and Opera)
  • Bugfixing


  • ImageFlow is now object-oriented (call many ImageFlow instances on one page!)
  • Improved startup: now it is called directly after the HTML structure has been loaded
  • Improved code quality: compressable to 8KB, unobtrusive, readable etc.
  • Simplified installation and implementation
  • Added a real loading bar
  • Added options: now everything is optional
  • Added opacity
  • Added move in effect on startup
  • Added image size multiplicator on focus


  • Fixed the IE bug (Invalid Argument, line 141, character 4)
  • Fixed the selection bug (ugly text and image selection on slider dragging)
  • Fixed the back button bug (using the back button with Safari 3 or Opera sometimes crashed ImageFlow)


  • Added Safari 1.x compatibility (a very big thanks to Stephan Droste!)
  • Added image link events onclick and ondblclick: the link is directly stored in the longdesc attribute of the image tag
  • Improved image scaling: now all image formats will stay inside the main div container "imageflow"
  • Minor performance improvements


  • Added different cursor types
  • Added configuration variables
  • Changed implementation: all JavaScript is now stored inside the imageflow.js
  • Changed the captions handling: now the caption text is directly stored in the alt attribute of the image tag
  • Bugfixing


  • Added arrow key support
  • Improved usability: now it just interacts on mouse wheel events if the cursor is over the main div container "imageflow"
  • Improved div container positioning
  • Bugfixing


  • Added focus feature: now it can handle large amounts of images (>100)
  • Added scrollbar
  • Fixed display order of loading procedure


  • Added mouse wheel support
  • Added loading bar
  • Minor performance improvements


  • Added server side generated reflections
  • Minor performance improvements
  • Fixed correct scaling of square formats


  • Changed global scaling and positioning: now it scales in relation to the div container "images"


  • Improved browser compatibility
  • Added bottom alignment
  • Added correct scaling of different image formats