Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it possible to start the gallery at a picture defined by the user?

Yes, simply use the option startID. Example: StartID.

Is it possible to have clickable images with URLs?

Yes, simply add the URL to the longdesc attribute of the img tag. That will open the URL of your choice on doubleclicking the image or on a single click, if the image is focussed. You can open that link in a new window with the onClick option. Example: New Window.

Can I set maximum image dimensions?

ImageFlow scales dynamically in relation to the width of the div-container with the class name "imageflow". If you want your images to stay in a defined maximum width, you have to define a static or maximum width for the imageflow container. That can be achieved via CSS in the imageflow.css. You can scale the focussed image with the option imageFocusM. Example: imageFocusM.

Can I use HTML in the captions?

Yes, you can add any HTML in the alt attribute of the img tag. But you have to encode the reserved HTML characters to their HTML entities first (Character entity references in HTML 4).

Is it possible to get transparent image reflections?

Yes, simply use the option reflectionPNG. Example: Transparent reflections.

Can I change the background color of the reflection?

Yes, if your background color is relatively dark you can simply pass the color value with the option reflectionGET. Example: Reflection background color. If your background color is light (e.g.: white), you also need to edit the CSS. Example: White background color.

I don't see any images, just imagenames. What am I doing wrong?

ImageFlow needs a PHP server running a GD library to generate the reflections. It will work without PHP if you disable the reflections. Example: No reflections.

What makes a website commercial?

A commercial website is a website which purpose is generating revenue or cash flow of any type, and that isn't under a non-profit organization. If you're selling a product, selling advertisement, selling a service or just marketing a commercial business, your site is commercial. A company website is also commercial even if it doesn't sell anything, as it's purpose is to front a commercial company.

I want to use ImageFlow on a commercial website, where can I purchase a license?

You can purchase a ImageFlow license for a commercial website on the download site.