Website Relaunch – Dragonfly 3.0

Dragonfly is the website of Finn Rudolph. With the second relaunch this communication and distribution platform stands on a solid technological base. Now the content is displayed in multiple languages ​​and in a contemporary design.

Eight years have passed since the last technical relaunch of my website and a lot has changed. Firstly, the web technology is well advanced and on the other hand, my personal aspiration to design and functioning of a website has changed.

This version of Dragonfly is by far the most complex relaunch of my website. The design is created according to the concepts “Responsive Web Design” and “Mobile First”. Thus, the website provides an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices.

A special technical feature of the website is the underlying technology: Dragonfly runs on two systems! The basis is the Content Management Framework TYPO3, which is extended by a WordPress installation.

This integrated approach combines the advantages of both systems: If you are looking for an open source content management solution that is professional, flexible and mature you will find WordPress ideal for blogging and prefer TYPO3 for multilingual websites.

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